SPSCC Booster Club Meetings – Tentatively scheduled for the 1st monday of every month at 6:30PM at sphs.  please check calendar for more details.

**The next Monthly Cheer Club meeting is scheduled for MOnday, February 4, 2019  at 6:30pm at sphs in the media center.

2018-19  SPSCC Board of Directors


Norma Watson,  President ->watsdano@bellsouth.net

Kristy Moore, Vice President>krwm716@bellsout.net

Tammy Keheley, Treasurer -> keheley@bellsouth.net

Lisa Cheek, Secretary -> lcheek3132@yahoo.com

Lisa Dinning, Varsity Football Trustee -> teammomlisad@gmail.com

Shena Zellars, JV Trustee ->shena4loves@yahoo.com

Jennifer Blair, Junior Spartan Director -> jenwblair@bellsouth.net

Melanie Harrelson, Youth Director> melaniepatrick@bellsouth.net

Melissa Kanzler, Director of Fall Program Book-melissasphscheermom@gmail.com  

Shelley Patrick, Director of Public Relations->sepatrick1020@gmail.com

Nicole LaVigne, Fundraising & Spirit Trailer Director-nlavigne@paulding.k12.ga.us    

Cindy Gee, Past President->patrickcindy@bellsouth.net             







Booster Club Minutes
  • South Paulding Cheer Club Meeting 06/04/2018 6:30PM

    at AMS Welcome- Norma- Motion to start meeting 6:30PM Treasurer’s Report- Provided by Tammy Keheley- read and accepted Secretary Minutes from May 2018 Meeting read by Lisa Cheek and accepted. NEW BUSINESS:NORMA -Discussed that Executive Board will be going through by laws and presenting any changes to board we will present at August Meeting and…

  • SP Cheer Club Minutes 05/14/2018 6:30PM

    SPHS Welcome-Norma (Motion to start meeting) 6:39PM Secretary’s Minutes from 04/16/2018 Meeting read by Lisa Cheek- minutes accepted Treasurer’s Report- Tammy Keheley (Motion to accept) HIGH SCHOOL: Update:Lisa D. -American Idol Pep Rally -HS Cheerleaders to perform basketball and football -SParty Uniform will be sent off to be cleaned -cheer club will purchase the cleaning.…

  • South Paulding Cheer Club Meeting 08/06/2018 6:30PM SPHS

    Welcome-Norma (Motion to start meeting) 6:30PM Treasurer’s Report: Tammy Keheley provided budget and was accepted Secretary’s Minutes- June 2018 minutes read by Lisa Cheek and accepted NEW BUSINESS: Norma -By Law Changes- please review the changes we will vote at September Meeting-copy to all present. -Executive Board is working on a Policy and Procedures Cheer…

  • SP Cheer Club Meeting 04/16/2018 6:30PM at SPHS

    Welcome- Cindy Gee- Meeting called to order at 6:31PM Secretary Minutes read from 1/22/18 Board meeting by Lisa Cheek-accepted Treasurer’s Report Read by Cindy Gee-Motion to approved accepted NEW BUSINESS: Cindy -We voted in our 2018-19 Board Members.  Cindy read bio’s from Nicole Lavigne and Norma Watson who was running for President position as well…

  • SP Cheer Club Board Meetings 01/22/2018 6:30PM at SPHS

    Welcome-Cindy Gee Treasurer’s Report- Read by Cindy Gee- accepted Secretary’s Minutes Read by Lisa Cheek from November 2017 Board Meeting-accepted NEW BUSINESS: -A nominating committee will be formed by 03/01/2018 for this years upcoming cheer board positions.  Anyone interested in a position should contact us by 03/15/2018. -Senior Scholarship of $500 is available through Paulding…

  • SP CHEER CLUB MEETING 11/13/2017 6:30PM

    WELCOME-CINDY- MOTION TO START MEETING 6:32PM Treasurer’s Report- Read by Cindy and accepted Secretary’s Report- Minutes from October Board Meeting- read and approved. NEW BUSINESS: CINDY -Discussed dates for JR/HS try outs- discussed moving dates earlier in March.  We voted not to move the try outs to keep at the same time. -Discussed if we…

  • SP CHEER CLUB MEETING 10/2/17 6:30PM

    Welcome- Motion to start meeting 6:30PM Treasure’s Report- Read and accepted Secretary’s Minutes read by Lisa Cheek- accepted NEW BUSINESS:CINDY -Upcoming Board Positions for next year- email out to parents and form a committee -Pink Out 10/21-JR   Youth 10/7   HS 10/27 -Discuss offering 6/7th grade uniforms to current cheerleaders for $20 if they want to…

  • SP Cheer Club Meeting 08/28/17 6:30PM

    Welcome- Motion to start meeting 6:31PM Treasurer’s Report- Read and accepted Secretary’s Report- Lisa Cheek- read and accepted NEW BUSINESS: -Youth/JR Feeder Night 9/1- more info to come. -SP Cheer Trailer- we need volunteers to work some youth/JR/JV and HS Games -Pink Out Game- 10/27 Senior Banquet -West GA Classic-October -Angie to give more information.…

  • SP Cheer Club Meeting 07/24/2017

    Welcome-Motion to start meeting 6:41PM Secretary’s Minutes read and accepted from May Board Meeting Treasure’s Report ready by Angie Gregory- May/June read and accepted. Update on JR Payments: all sideline JR Payments paid in full except three cheerleaders. Ipads- Discussed Pay Pal fees and that Ipads are still not working to accept so that we…


    SP CHEER CLUB BOARD MINUTES                                                                                                            May 16, 2017    6:30PM   Room 3009 Motion to start meeting/Welcome- Cindy Gee                                                                                          Voted in our new Vice President- Kristy Moore                                                                                       Treasure’s Report read and approved.                                                                                                       Budget Proposal for 2017-18 Season- Approved                                                                                     Secretary Minutes Read from 4/24/2017 meeting by Lisa Cheek- minutes accepted NEW BUSINESS: Discussed status of uniforms at all…


    SP CHEER CLUB BOARD MINUTES                                                                                     April 24, 2017   6:30PM           SPHS-Room 3009 Welcome-Ann Arnold- Board Introductions                                                                                                    Treasurer’s Report-read by Angie Gregory and Approved                                                                                            -Total Cash Balance-$19,955.21- This includes recent website payments.                                                               -Fundraiser-JR Spartan Physicals- $275.00                                                                                                                         -Expenses- $2,967.55/Coaches expense $750.00 BOARD MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING- Read by Secretary Lisa Cheek and Approved NEW BUSINESS: Angie reported that…

  • SPCC Board Minutes for 01/23/2017

    SP CHEER CLUB MEETING BOARD MINUTES FOR 01/23/2017 6:30PM AT SPHS –Ann Arnold-President– Motion to start minutes –Lisa Cheek-Secretary-Read minutes from November 7, 2016 Cheer Club Meeting- Accepted   NEW BUSINESS: -Discussed Advertising for upcoming tryouts for JR/HS- We will advertise on social media, website, SPHS and feeder middle schools.- ** Lisa D. to make…