Welcome-Motion to start meeting 6:41PM

Secretary’s Minutes read and accepted from May Board Meeting

Treasure’s Report ready by Angie Gregory- May/June read and accepted.

Update on JR Payments: all sideline JR Payments paid in full except three cheerleaders.

Ipads- Discussed Pay Pal fees and that Ipads are still not working to accept so that we can accept payments on them.

West GA Classic-Angie-completed packet. Will hold at SPHS in October-Lisa Cheek to secure date with McAllister. We will need full participation of and volunteers to help with this.


-Update on Cheer Trailer- we will sale spirit wear/items beginning at the first home game.  Any ideas of what we can sale are welcomed. Lisa C- will work on schedule for parent/board to work the trailer so there is coverage.  We will sale at Youth/Middle and HS games.

-We will sale old youth uniforms for $20.  Lisa will send email to staff at SPHS and Dugan to see if they would like to purchase.

-We will donate old Middle School uniforms- Shae will look for a team to donate too.

-We have the following areas that are in need of someone to be over:

Parade-Melissa Kanzler

-HS HC Dance- we are trying to get another booster to take this over.

-JR Homecoming Dance

-JR Homecoming (tiaras/sashes)-Angie

-Youth Feeder night is September 1st-Gold Out


-Update on AD Sales- $18,945

-extend sales to 7/29

-Spartan Nation Pic- how much do we want to sale picture for?

-Will JV walk around and sale fall program books at Varsity games- Shannon will make a schedule.

-JR Spartan PIcs- Juley 29th at 10am

-Parade- October 10th- Melissa will pull permit

-V/JV Pics- 8/1


-8/12 Youth Jamboree at SPHS

-Pink out game- we do not know the date


-Final Registration approaching have 98 girls currently registered.

-Youth Pics 8/1

-Practice starts 7/25


-No JR Practice 8/1

-Open House- the girls at Scoggins and AMS will be allowed to work the Open House

-JR Competition- at this time we have 2 competitions we are looking at.

-Exec Board will not provide snacks this year to teams- parents will provide.


-Mrs. Davis will do pics for senior banners

Next Board meeting will be 8/21/2017 at 6:30PM

Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM