Welcome-Norma (Motion to start meeting) 6:30PM Treasurer’s Report: Tammy Keheley provided budget and was accepted Secretary’s Minutes- June 2018 minutes read by Lisa Cheek and accepted NEW BUSINESS: Norma -By Law Changes- please review the changes we will vote at September Meeting-copy to all present. -Executive Board is working on a Policy and Procedures Cheer Handbook for next season-would like input from Coach Toler. Will include demerit sheet. -Melanie-Youth Director-recent surgery- SPSCC will provide a small gift to her during recovery. -Discuss setting up JR Homecoming Dance Committee Meeting- Norma to contact Ginger- JR Team Moms will be on this committee as well. -Cheer Banquets-Cheer Club will provide cake/drinks only this year- no meals will be provided/Cheer club will provide up to 5 awards per team. FALL PROGRAM BOOK: Melissa -Updates-current ad sales $20,160 waiting on a couple of last minute checks, last year sales $20,765-hard deadline for program book is 8/7. We will have program book back by 8/24/18 game. -Purchasing of Spartan Nation Picture/cost-will purchase 50 and cost is $5 -Sale of Program Books at games by cheerleaders-JV will sale at Varsity games and Varsity at JV games the first couple of homes games and homecoming. We will have a check and balance system when the cheerleaders sale in the stands. Coaches will assign these girls to work. YOUTH: Norma -Update on teams/cheerleaders 61-63 registered -Jamie Page will be assisting Melanie while she is recovering. -Youth/JR Night at HS 8/24/2018 -all cheerleaders must wear Spartan Nation Tshirt and each have one paying adult in the gate. JUNIOR: Jennifer -JR Homecoming Dance 10/20-girls will be required to cheer the whole game -Pink Out Game 10/20- girls will have hair down to walk- no bow- then wear pink out shirt/bow for game -Scrimmage at PC 8/18-Wear Spartan Nation Tshirts/black shorts -Will not wear uniform on Friday until 8/24. HS: Coach Shannon/Coach Blanton -Pink out shirts- Cheer club will purchase all cheerleaders shirts, Football will design. -HS Jr/Youth/Neon Night 8/24, Homecoming 9/14, Pink Out 10/5, White Out 9/21, Senior Night 10/19 -Cheer Club to pay for BBQ pregame meal for 8/10 for HS -in future we have 4-6 pregame meals being dontated by churches, ect. MEDIA RELATIONS: Shelley -Discuss posting Birthday for cheerleaders/board members on FB -Schedules for all levels on Website-Would like schedule for all levels in PDF form to post on website. SPIRIT TRAILER: Nicole -Spirit Items-discussed tshirt sizes and other spirit items to sale in trailer including spirit sticks, cow bells, Sling bags, pop sockets and SP Dad shirts. Will order more youth tshirts as well. -Schedule for working the trailer at games-coaches will provide a schedule. -We will ask parents to volunteer working the trailer during all games. Any other business/updates:No OUR NEXT CHEER CLUB MEETING WILL BE SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 AT 6:30PM AT SPHS Meeting adjourned at 7:53PM