SPHS Welcome-Norma (Motion to start meeting) 6:39PM Secretary’s Minutes from 04/16/2018 Meeting read by Lisa Cheek- minutes accepted Treasurer’s Report- Tammy Keheley (Motion to accept) HIGH SCHOOL: Update:Lisa D. -American Idol Pep Rally -HS Cheerleaders to perform basketball and football -SParty Uniform will be sent off to be cleaned -cheer club will purchase the cleaning. -Pregame Meals- still working on churches to volunteer-cheer club to help provide money for pregame meals. Working with football for Varsity and JV. -Camp is in June in PCB. JR UPDATES: Jennifer -Camp wear fittings this week -Still looking for someone to choreograph JR half time routine- will talk with Douglavsille Gym Stars -AMS is secured for all JR Practices YOUTH UPDATE: Lisa -54 currently signed up -Late registration July 21, 2018 at AMS FALL PROGRAM BOOK: MELISSA -Spartan Nation Picture is July 19 at 5:00PM -We will continue to use TSS Photography -We have until July 15th to sale spirit ads. -Hard Deadline 8/1 MEDIA RELATIONS: LISA C -Relay for Life and SPHS Teacher Breakfast -post pics to FB page -Looking to update website information. (Shelley to start updating) FUNDRAISER/SPIRIT TRAILER: NICOLE -Buffalo Wild Wings will give us 10% of proceeds if someone mentions team C- to post info on FB page. -Looking for ideas on what items to sale in trailer. NEW BUSINESS: -We added Spirit Trailer Director to our by laws. -Basketball Trustee position was removed from By laws-voted on and removed. No July Meeting Meeting adjourned 7:13PM